In collaboration with RISE (The Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment) and Spartan Innovations, Land Grant Goods (LGG) has renovated an old trailer into what is now an MDARD certified kitchen located at the Student Organic Farm. The kitchen, named the Raspberry Jammer, is used to process and package all of LGG agriculture products, ranging from herbal teas to jams. Other food startups have the opportunity to use this kitchen as well. If interested, email



Raspberries on Raspberries on Raspberries

100 feet outside of the Raspberry Jammer are high tunnels for organic raspberry production. These high tunnels extend harvest, improve yield, improve quality, and decrease disease of the Raspberries. Our first product created in the kitchen was Raspberry Jam as well, setting the tone and giving us inspiration. Jammer, the second half of the name was born when discussing culture and the flow of food, similar to the flow of music. We have cultivated a space for food entrepreneurs to utilize their creative minds and make some great food. A form of expression, similar to an artist singing or mixing music.